As a 90’s child I was dragged up on a diet of Girl Power and Zig-ah-zig-ah. We sure ain’t in Kansas anymore though Toto, and I sure feel deflated when faced with so many lacquered and frankly dull women in today’s pop scene . Surely we ladies are more kick ass than JUST this uniform blow-up-doll model, none of the women I know are this boring! This got me thinking, in a world where you don’t have to sing or dance to be in a Girl Band, why don’t I start my own? I meet fun, interesting, independent women everyday so why not?!

So here it is; the {ULTIMATE} Girl Band! Do you have to be able to sing? No. Do you have to be able to dance? No. Are you fabulous? You are?? Great!! Please join if you want to be part of a community of women who want to have fun and do cool stuff. It is minimal responsibility but you are sure to see (and hear!) great things from us.

To take part, join here: