I am organising two conferences on violence against women and girls, in Manchester on 17th June and on 6 and 7 July. I am a feminist activist, I work to end violence against women and girls.

The first conference is entitled ”Securing human rights for women from abroad experiencing violence”. This is with an activist group called Safety4Sisters and is at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). The conference aims to develop strategies to stop women being homeless in Manchester, as a result of violence from partners or traffickers. When women do not have secure immigration status this is a real danger. http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/law-research/conference-securing-human-rights-for-women-from-abroad-experiencing-violence/

The second event is a 2-day international conference with speakers from around the UK, from the USA and Iceland. It aims to consider ”Where does feminist go from here” in relation to work against the rape, child sexual abuse, prostitution and pornography which women and girls suffer every day. This event is convened by the group Campaign to End Rape and is also at MMU.http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/law-research/