Going to a music concert is supposed to be a fun and happy time where everyone can enjoy the sounds of the artist performing in front of you. So when I saw a couple standing near me having an argument I decided that I would do a ‘deed’ and that deed would be the deed of dancing to lovely music.

I went up to the bickering pair and decided to have a dance off with them. This involved mostly-embarrassing smooth moves such as the ‘running man’ and trying to get them to square dance with me. At first, they thought I was a drunken idiot and whilst that may have been quite definitely true, it seemed my deed worked as they both started laughing, having a good time and dancing alongside me. We all enjoyed the rest of the concert together whilst doing our best-worst dancing and everybody seemed to forget that the argument ever occurred.

I can’t say they didn’t argue again after the concert, but I was able to make the situation better for at least the duration of the concert – not only meaning the couple were able to enjoy themselves, but everybody else around them. And it meant I could dance like an idiot.

Whoever said making a fool out of your-self for the sake of laughs wasn’t a good deed?