I am a theatre maker, game designer, producer, and occasional academic. My deed is to share the audio to an installation piece I made when in residence in a swimming pool in Shipley, near Bradford, in 2012. I asked a series of questions of me (28), my mother (60), and my great aunt (84) about body image. It was in response to the many stories of older women who swam in the pool, who talked about how transformed they feel as they move from changing room into the water. It was played over headphones in a large cubicle, full of items of clothing and pictures of me, my mother, and my great aunt at different ages. People in the installation (one at a time) were invited to write their own answers to the questions and to stick them to the walls of the cubicle. You can read more and see the pictures at http://northernbigboardstories.com/thechangingroom