I’m Sarah Evans and my deed was in these playing cards. I bought them when Jenny Gaskell and I had a coffee to talk about 100 deeds! They each have a different image of the suffrage movement on them and I’ve been inspired for a long time by the women and events in these images so I wanted to share them with as many people as I could. I’ve been giving them out to people and leaving them in places to be found by someone.

I have been even further inspired by the people who have been part of our 100 deeds project which has excited Jenny and I every time someone submits something. It’s been empowering and inspiring to see so many people come together in so many different ways for gender equality. So, I ordered some stickers to use with the cards so whoever picks them up will have the opportunity not only to be inspired by these great people in history but also by you all who are part of 100 deeds as we all make modern history, together.