Well hello there! I am Níall and I am a 19 year old student living in Belfast studying at Queens University Belfast.

Pilled up pizza boxes, mountains of dishes needing to be washed and random sticky patches from alcohol that has been knocked over from freshers’ week over eight months ago….WELCOME TO STUDENT LIFE!
Although I am not some clean freak, seriously I’m not, it would be nice for EVERYONE to do their fair share of cleaning and not just leaving it to a couple of individuals; still don’t think certain ones know where to take our rubbish out!
You don’t need to be some superhero to carry the bin bags down two flights of stairs, well I suppose it would be cooler if you was, or have hundreds of hours spare to get some Dettol for a wee quick wipe round after someone knocks the glass over from the previous night of Kings in the pre-drinking!

I’m a guy who believes that cleaning the home, or student flat in my case, is something which should be shared between boys and girls.  My deed is to do my fair share, and then some!

Ps. Yes, the picture is of things left in front of someone’s room on my floor…..damn students!