I’m Tom I run a community Bboy/Bgirl (Break Dancing) group in St Helens, Merseyside called ”UC Crew”. It has been running since 2004 and has taught hundreds of children and young people how to dance over the years, won national awards, competed in competition across the world and attends youth exchanges with other countries.

The general public see’s our dance form as being masculine and is only for males, when there a many B-Girls around the world who compete and dance to a high level gaining international recognition.

My deed is to publicise ”B-Girls” in all our publicity to the general public, encourage more B-Girls to attend events/shows, share videos of B-Girls competing and hire more ”B-Girl” workshops instructors for our classes. This is so that we can encourage more girls to take up Breakin and so that they see it is an art form for all.