I’m a female Sound Engineer and there’s very few of us around. I was also part of the planning group for Sladyfest, a DIY Feminist Festival so I jumped at the chance to be the Sound Engineer for the evening’s entertainment. Last time there was a Sladyfest, the sound engineer was male, and even though he was a great guy and I reckon would consider himself a feminist, its the message that it reinforces to other women looking on – that sound engineering is definitely a man’s game – there can’t be any female sound engineers around if they can’t find one for a feminist festival! So this time round, we knew it was important to set a good example, and possibly a good role model for any budding female sound engineers! I also work with another woman who owns an all female-run PA/Events company called Dulcet Sounds and she provided the PA and worked with me on the night. We also ran a free basic sound engineering workshop together at anot her feminist festival last year and hope to do lots more work together in the future!