My name is Jess and I am the oldest of three children. My brother is 20 months younger that me and my sister is around four and a half years younger than me.

My sister and I are like chalk and cheese; so completely different it’s untrue. She is so laid back she is almost horizontal whereas I am more passionate and (although I hate to admit it) uptight!

My siblings and I have all moved out of home at some point, and then we all came back. But now, my brother spends most of his time at his girlfriend’s place and recently, my sister moved in with a friend. Being the only one left at home has hit me hard. But the silly thing is, when she lived at home, I would spend lots of time on my own in my room and not spend time with her.

Now that she has moved out, my deed is to make the most of the time we get to spend together. I want to appreciate her more and celebrate our sisterhood. We have already made the effort to spend the last bank holiday together and I want to learn to appreciate her for who she is and celebrate our differences.

I love my sister so much. And we should stick together!