We set up SHEqualiVersity July 2012 & issued 1st online Magazine SHEquality Matters December 2012 www.issuu.com/shequalitymatters.

We are on TwittHER & gained over 2,200 FollowHERs since joining December 2012. We also have a small TwittHER for information ’@SHEqualiVersity and set up a blog for fictional aspiring politician/Pre-Mayopress/RepresentHER Shemeanit O’Really @ShemeanitOReally 7 were delighted her 20th follower was Yoko Ono (Verified)! She also has a blogwww.shemeanitorreally.blogspot.uk . We do a range of weekly online papers on various themes, via twitter sources and slanted to interests and achievments of women. These include – JobHER, GreenHER, SportHER, FootballHER, FeedHER, OutFitHer, TheARTher & more.

Our most recent weekly launched this week – SHEvolveHER & we featured Female Arts in it & promoted Female Arts 7 the paper they were included in on TwittHER by highlighting them as our 2,201st FollowHER. http://pap er.li/SHEqualiVersity/1368369092# This issue also includes links to our magazines published so far, which inclde various articles regarding the Arts.

Our aims are: – Championing equality and diversity in particular the participation & contribution of women in society. Working with businesses and communities to celebrate our diversity and contribute to positive change.
We also have a WOMANifesto!
Much of our content is related to the Arts, and the project itself is Art! Some of it permanent, a lot virtual, some of it fleeting but creative within that moment. We are constantly SHEvolving and working for SHEvolution! This includes Gender Equity in the Arts. Onwards to SHEvolution Sisters. x