I used to tutor young adults and if I was working with groups of young women, during our breaks I would sometimes get into conversations with them about how women like myself & others had fought to change conditions for women in general.

Quite often they would be convinced I was winding them up when I told them that there used to be some bars I wasn’t allowed into simply because I was female or that I would get paid a third less for doing exactly the same job [still not got that one sorted!] or that in some companies if you got married you were expected to leave your job & I couldn’t get a mortgage without the signature of either my father or husband, or go on the pill when it became available unless you were married & yes – we haven’t been able to vote for that long, don’t waste it.

I can understand how bizarre that all sounds now if your 15 & take for granted the fact that you can achieve anything in your life & I like to think I still help towards that in my own way.

I’ve always loved my music & started Djing on a pirate radio station in the 90’s. Unsurprisingly I was the only female DJ on the station out of a head count of nearly 40 DJ’s. After a while I was booked to play out & have since played all over the UK, Europe, Mexico & will be in Melbourne later this year. Despite the fact that I’m now 62 I still get regular bookings & its brilliant the reaction I get from the floor especially from the women who tell me it’s good to see a women behind the decks & even better because of my age.