Ah, yes, this project is called ‘deeds not words’ isn’t it, and my action is words… except it’s not just some words photoshopped next to my face it’s a line from a poem I perform, and you know what, it always gets a big response, from posh school girls to big hard lads – I’m not trying to say I’m a wonderful performer (although obviously I am *ahem* etc) but that this is a feeling that is common.

I think we are sick of the presumptions anyone makes about people because of their gender, and I think the word ‘feminism’ has been sullied by people who have used it to excuse their own prejudices against men. I don’t know if we need a new word. I think most of all we need to avoid heavy handed ideas and engage with people as they are. It’s not the 80’s, if we go round saying all men are potential rapists then they will believe all women are potentially accusing them of rape. It’s like a big argument that needs to simmer down, we’ve all had a good shout, now let’s make a cup of tea and tune into each other, get some perspective, understanding and empathy and move forward.