At the weekend, while the kids played with their Dad, I got the drills out, my drills out and mended the back fence. I don’t consider myself ‘butch’ or ‘masculine’ for doing this, just practical and handy. I am also the person in the house people come to when sewing/mending needs doing. Not because this is ‘women’s work’ but because I am the one with the skills to do it. As parents, we try to show our children that tasks/jobs should not be catergorised into male or female roles. It is about being a team and the best person for the job. I cook. He washes up. I pack the car because my spacial skills are better. He cuts the ivy because he can reach. Neither of us iron and both of us are rubbish with cars so we take it to the garage – best person for the job.

I like to think we are doing a good job of being positive role models for both our children (1 boy, 1 girl) in not letting them feel confined by their gender. They both play pirates & superheroes and they both play with dolls-houses & tea parties. I like to think that this is why our daughter has never felt the need to add the statement ‘I wish I was a boy’ when she talks of becoming a pilot and astronaut.

I am a Theatre Designer and Community Artist. I design & make stuff and teach others how to design & make stuff:www.ncargillthompson.co.uk