My deed involves a bit of open thinking. I say this because whenever there is a chance to dress up, I am generally open to the idea of cross-dressing. This doesn’t come about because I want to be a man, it is simply because I want to dress up as anything I want, and don’t think gender should be an issue. After all, costume is fictional, when you dress-up as someone else the whole point is that you are dressing up as someone else.

I have generally noticed from my gambolling nights out in Manchester that the guys seem to have so much more choice of costume and more fun with it at that. Ladies generally want to dress as anything with a ‘sexy’ in front – sexy pirate, sexy cowgirl, sexy super-villain. I believe that when you dress up, you should really go for it and not be worried about having to still look attractive. I’m sure that people are generally more impressed when you create a great costume look-a-like, than when you’re worried about not showing enough cleavage, and I think that this should be the most important part of costume.

My deed is to simply have fun as whoever I want to be, and not worry about having to keep my womanly charms on the surface. Although sometimes they do pop out.