Charities and organisations are always looking for volunteers to help them raise vital funds, so today I gave up a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to help raise money for a really worthy cause. LGBT Youth North West are a life line for lots of young people including those who go to a young women’s group each week which supports them in becoming strong, independent women. This support can make all the difference in a young woman’s life and how she thinks about herself so being in an environment surrounded by positive female role models can only be a good thing!

I actually had a really lovely day which was made even better by a man who donated a £10 note and said ”good luck with it, I hope you raise a lot, it’s a really good cause”. I couldn’t thank him enough. People were really generous and I got such a good feeling from giving something back to a local community cause and we raised much more than I expected too!

I think I might even do it again…