Blank Media Collective is a not-for-profit arts organisation that strives to support emerging creativity by providing platforms and opportunities to share it with the wider community.

Our ethos is simple. We’re open, honest, and accessible to all.

This summer Blank Media Collective will be presenting equals: art, conversation, feminist discourse.

A joint curatorial project by Nathalie Boobis and Anne Louise Kershaw at Blank Media Collective, equals will launch on the 11th July at BLANKSPACE with an exhibition. This will feature artist Sarah Maple alongside three other artists and will run for four weeks. In conjunction with this there will be a responsive publication and live event, a blog, radio show, symposium and further events programme.


Through the joint prisms of creativity and conversation, equals will provide a variety of platforms for all people of all genders to participate in the discussions and debates surrounding feminism and gender equality.

By opening up the conversation, equals will allow for a multitude of voices and a miscellany of indeterminate answers.

Equals intends to extend and explore feminism through art an analysis, creativity and conversation.