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I’ve sent a copy of a short letter (published today in The Scotsman 1.6.13),  asking why the only female portrait in Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery Science section is of a sheep. Working with youngsters I’m aware of the need for female role models in STEM areas. I’m keen to help persuade all our National Portrait galleries to take this issue seriously. If you have come across others with this concern may I ask that you put them in touch with me or let me know of them?
Roger Meachem  YetScience

Ewe are joking
Published on 01/06/2013 in ‘The Scotsman’ Edinburgh
Scotland sees itself as having a fairly enlightened population with regards to female emancipation. I would count myself as a male feminist, a position I carry into my work in science education.
So I must ask: why is it that our National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh has only one female “portrait” in its Scottish Scientists’ section – and that is Dolly the Sheep?
Now, I’ve nothing against Dolly, who I’m sure was an inspiration, and I’ve nothing but respect for the great names represented in that section of the gallery, but really? No women worth mentioning?
Roger Meachem
Town Yetholm, Kelso Scottish Borders