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I went into a Tesco Express store on Deansgate, Manchester today. I was going in to buy a copy of Nuts magazine to use it as a piece of art, to highlight how our society objectifies women. I’m a 26 year old male who is passionate about equality.

I intended to use the magazine and write post-its inside it to highlight and question how the consumers are looking at the images. I was then going to leave it in my office canteen, leaving details to feedback to me on Twitter about how they felt.

As I went into store today, I asked a member of staff the question, ‘Do you sell Nuts?’

The member of staff took me straight to the magazine section and pointed to the copy of the ‘lads mag’ I referred to.

As I went to the till, already sceptical about buying a magazine that goes against all of my values, it suddenly dawned on me, that the question I asked was, ‘Do you sell Nuts?’ Intriguingly, the member of staff assumed that it was the magazine I was trying to source and not the hard shelled fruit you sell in many varieties.

I wondered if we had a much bigger problem than I first thought?

The member of staff was male, FYI.

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