My name is Eve. I have been part of a women’s collective who have taken various forms of direct action against tax dodging companies, who are getting away with billions of pounds of tax payers money whilst at the same time austerity measures hit the poorest in our society. The picture is two of us dressed as mobile phones in Vodafone’s shop window in Manchester, highlighting the companies tax dodging. We have targeted Vodafone, Barclay’s, Topman, Fortnum and Mason, and Starbucks. We like to dress up, and stand in the busineses’ windows on silent protests. We have also done actions against George Osborne with regards bedroom tax, and also against the Workfare Scheme, which was a scheme developed to force people on benefits into full time employment within big businesses for no pay. The welfare cuts disproportionately affect both women and working class people, and this makes me so angry that I have taken to the streets and directly targeted the companies and politicians involved.