A ground-breaking collaboration between For Books’ Sake and London Rollergirls

About For Books’ Sake:

Founded in 2010, For Books’ Sake is the UK webzine dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women, providing a dedicated platform for readers and writers alike. With daily news, reviews, essays, features and interviews, For Books’ Sake shines spotlights on classic and contemporary writing by both iconic and upcoming women authors, alongside a national live events programme involving arts and literature festivals across the UK, panel discussions, workshops and much more. Their first publishing project was Short Stack, a collection of the best new pulp fiction written by women, was published by and in collaboration with Pulp Press in 2012.



Derby Shorts:

Presented by For Books’ Sake in collaboration with the London Rollergirls, Derby Shorts is a collection of short stories about roller derby. Within its pages, you’ll find bold and brilliant tales from the track, from inter-team love, lust, rivalry and rebellion to rollerblading assassins in punk-apocalyptic London, brats and ballerinas turned derby superstars and much more.

With over a thousand roller derby leagues across the globe, roller derby is exploding out of the underground and into the mainstream. In 2009, Whip It! saw cinema audiences worldwide swooning over Juliette Lewis, Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore on rollerskates. The first ever Roller Derby World Cup took place in 2011, and last year the National Museum of Roller Derby was established. There’s even been talk of the sport being included in the 2020 Olympics. The first, largest and longest-running roller derby league in the UK, the London Rollergirls came hot on the wheels of the sport’s American resurgence, making them the perfect partner for this ground-breaking collaboration with For Books’ Sake, the intelligent but irreverent webzine dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women.

Featuring emerging and established authors from across the UK, Europe, America and beyond, and compiled following an open call for submissions from For Books’ Sake, Derby Shorts is the first collection of its kind.

Published on 20th May 2013, Derby Shorts is available for pre-order:


About the London Rollergirls:

What’s roller derby?

“One of Britain’s fastest-growing grassroots sports… the perfect pastime for feminists with attitude” – The Guardian

The London Rollergirls formed in April 2006 to bring roller derby to the UK. They are made up of four league teams (Suffra Jets, Ultraviolent Femmes, Steam Rollers and Harbour Grudges), and an all-star travel team (London Brawling) and an all-star reserves team (Brawl Saints) that play teams from other cities around the world. In September 2011, London Brawling made history as the first team outside North America to take part in the WFTDA East Region Playoffs held in Baltimore, USA.