We are an arts collective called Soundcastle and our deed is to create and curate The Wilding Festival.

We are artists in residence at St. George’s Bloomsbury in London. 100 years ago, this building opened its doors to Emily Wilding Davison’s memorial service when many others refused.

This young woman lost her life in a dramatic act of protest when she placed herself in the path of the King’s horse to highlight the cause of women’s suffrage. On the 14th June 1913, 6000 women dressed in white marched through the streets of London to pay their respects to Davison at St George’s, Bloomsbury.

On the 100th anniversary of her momentous memorial service, we will open the doors of St George’s once again in her name, for an eclectic and provocative programme of new art works and performances inspired by her story. We will invite our audience to experience, consider and challenge the resonance of Emily’s legacy in our modern lives.