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My name is Amy and I’m a single mum with the coolest little girl ever.

Aleesa is 5 and all she asked for for Christmas was a Spider Man outfit. She does not conform to any gender stereotypes.
At her birthday party she dressed like a princess then had her face painted like batman, anything goes. 🙂

I’d like to think I’ve played a small part in her confidence to break the ”norm”. I volunteer for an Organisation called The Woodcraft Folk, it’s similar to guides and scouts but the most important thing is it mixed gender 🙂 We have a huge focus on conservation and eco friendly activities. All children are shown that there should be no discrimination in our world, just love and respect for one another.
We find the boys LOVE doing crafts and making friendship bracelets, one even hugged me on his first group and said how amazing it was to get to do other activities than football, which is all his family and school seemed concerned with.

But out of many deeds I could have shown you I think my beautiful little girl being a super hero is the coolest. 🙂