We’re Claire Moore and John Woudberg.  We founded Certain Curtain Theatre Company in May 1989 – a professional touring theatre company specialising in creating original dynamic drama. Passionately using theatre to raise awareness of domestic abuse/human rights.

We are a small feminist organisation concentrating on a gendered approach to domestic abuse. Gender is the most significant risk factor in domestic violence. Women experience the majority of violence – physical and sexual – in relationships. Women are more likely than men to be injured and to fear the abuser.  Although we’ve been established since 1989 – we wrote our first play around domestic violence in 1995 which set us on a journey or obsession! Since then we have been passionate about writing and producing original theatre to combat violence against women and to engage audiences with these issues to inspire change. To challenge the attitudes that stop many of us getting the support we need.

To combat victim-blaming.

To get everyone who is ever asked ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’ to answer ‘Why doesn’t he just stop?’

Our DEED is to continue to raise awareness with community groups, public audiences and professionals through touring our original theatre performances which include:-

LIFE SENTENCE -explore the aftermath of an abusive relationship.

LADY IN RED -this award-winning play looks at one woman’s attempts to leave an abusive relationship and the barriers she faces.

MOCKINGBIRD HIGH- explores the impact of DV on two teenage children and their mother.