We are Hannah and Jane, friends for 13 years. We’ve chosen to leap out of the frying pan and into the microwave by swapping one male dominated workplace for another. We both previously worked for the Police and are now forging our own path in the glamorous world of painting and decorating (handywomen if you will).
We’ve only recently set up our business but have already been subjected to a range of ’interesting’ comments.

”Are you painters and decorators?….. And you’re women?….. Well I never… not in my day”

And our personal favourite from an all-male building team, said without any irony whatsoever.

“All female decorating team? That’s a bit sexist isn’t it?”

Oh how we laughed……. and then we punched them (not really).

All joking aside we strongly believe there is a need for more women within the traditionally ‘male’ dominated trade industries. The playing field needs to be level to allow both men and women a choice of who they employ to carry out work in their home.
And where’s the ‘Good Deed’ bit? We are not motivated by money, we love what we do and will work for whatever people can afford. Sometimes it’s just nice to be nice isn’t it? Ice creams all round!

So, if you find yourselves in need of some DIY? Do look us up. We go by the name of Primer Donnas.