I run a small business called Matthew James Publishing Ltd. We are publishers.

Not only is 90% of our workforce female, even the Managing Director, a very large portion of the authors we publish and the clients we work with are also women. We pride ourselves on being fair in all of our work, fair to our authors, fair to our employees and fair to our customers, no matter their gender, colour or creed.

As our workforce is very small and comprises only a small number of very hardworking staff I decided to change all of their contract and Job Descriptions. Whilst splitting up the workload between my employees I made sure that I ignored gender completely and looked only at the individual’s skill in a particular area. I also made each member of staff a manager – I wanted to make sure everyone was valued for the role they played, as well as give them a better chance at a new or better job elsewhere, so I made sure their contract and job description stated ’manager of…’ as their title and the skills and competencies matched up.

I know that these small gestures won’t change the world in a day, but I know that my little corner believes in and practices equality every day. We don’t name it anymore because it has become normal, and I am sure with work like 100 Deeds it will soon become normal for everyone else.