100deeds (2)


We are Lisa Williamson and Nicky Bellenger, and since the 8th of March 2013 we have been giving each other a gift every single day. We will continue to do this until the 8th June 2013, when we will give as many of these gifts as possible to members of the public during a festival in Eastleigh.

93 Gifts is a three month collaboration exploring the notion of gift giving. We wondered what it would feel like to give and receive gifts on a daily basis. When does this become irritating? Or will it become the norm? What classifies as a gift and how creative would we have to get if we are not allowed to spend any money on those gifts? Each gift is documented and put on twitter daily.


Today is the 14th of May and we are on gift number 68. Lisa has given a strawberry shower cap, a hug and a smack on the head with bubble wrap. Nicky has given a snake snap bracelet, Grease on VHS and has written Lisa a song.

Our deed however comes in the shape of gift number 51: 2 identical gifts with one aim. A middle finger to the stereotypical ’sexy school girl’ fancy dress costume. We were both invited to a back-to-skool fancy dress disco. Determined not to fulfil this stereotype, we collectively came up with an alternative.

Meet Babz and Caz, the everyday school dinner ladies.