I’m a writer who spends a good deal of my time writing, reading, or thinking about books. When I realised that I own exactly 100 books by women (pictured!) it made perfect sense to make that part of my deed. I want to aim for reading at least fifty books by women this year. My goal is to read one hundred books in total in 2013, and I want at least half of those to be by women.

The literary canon is against us. It has been dominated by male writers for hundreds of years. While there are plenty of brilliant books out there by women writers, often we don’t hear about them nearly as much as we should.

As well as reading, I’ll be sharing and recommending my favourites with as many people as I can, in the hopes of spreading some awareness about women writers both well known and less so. If you want to follow my progress or send me any recommendations (I need them, I only have 100 books by women!) email me via my website sarahgracelogan.wordpress.com or say hi on twitter: @sarahgracelogan