I will never understand what women have gone through all these past centuries. I will never know what it’s like to birth a child. I will never know what it’s like to have a period. There’s a lot I won’t understand about women although I do try my hardest. The only time I come close is when I don a wig and sing into a hairbrush to Kate Bush. Only then do I know how it roughly feels to be Kate Bush. She isn’t every woman however. In a recent haze of pretending I’m Kate Bush I stumbled across a thought. This isn’t an attempt to try and understand woman. But an attempt to be my true self on the Internet in the most fabulous way I know.

I am inviting you to join me. Read it how you will. Just let loose. Get your hairbrush, turn it up to 11 and mouth along to your favourite song and film it and put it on youtube and set it as a response to this video.

There is only one rule:

1) The artist of your choice must be the opposite gender to you

You don’t have to dress up but you can do what you want. It’s a rule but a very loose one.

Why is this a deed? I don’t actually know. Read into it how you want. Is filming yourself miming along to songs from the 70’s and uploading it to a big community a right step towards equality? Possibly. Is this just me fishing for blackmail material later on in my artistic career? Another possibility.

Just upload the video with the title 100 Deeds and the title of the song. You can remain as anonymous as you like. If you drop me an email with your submission to with the youtube line I’ll create a playlist so we can stand together as a bunch of bloody fools in fantastic wigs and fake moustaches.