A couple of weeks ago my Nan turned 98. 98 years old! I can’t imagine reaching that age – all the things you would experience and see change throughout that time. And what a century to have lived through.

I have lots of memories as I was growing up of my grandparents and those I will always cherish. I still find my Nan awe inspiring today – she is still pretty active and only has a hearing aid. Ask her what’s happening with the football and she will be able to tell you who’s where in the league & how their last game was! (being born in Bow of course she’s a West Ham supporter!)

It was only a few years ago that I discovered my Nan was in the Women’s Land Army (WLA) during the Second World War. I knew my Granddad was a Sergeant in the RAF and been posted in Egypt but it was only after visiting Cape Town last year and showing my Nan the photos that I discovered he had also been posted there. It was going through old photos that I learned about my Nan being a member of the WLA. This period of their life we never really have spoken of, I guess it’s something that they had put behind them and moved on from. But its made me realise that for someone I have known all my life there is a lot I don’t know about them.

My deed is to keep adding to all those happy memories – my sister is getting married next year, she’s the first one and it will be lovely having my Nan there to see it. But also to learn more about her and her experiences throughout this past century. There’s been such a vast amount of changes & developments to contend with. While learning about the world wars at school the RENs, the WLA and many other organisations that existed were hardly touched on and I believe it is of equal importance to learn how these courageous and hard working women did for their country.

So Thank You Nan, love you x