Would you like to do a deed?

We would like to invite you to do a deed which you feel either promotes or demonstrates what gender equality means now.  This might be a peaceful protest or an everyday activity.  It might involve doing something or making something or showing something.  Just like the WSPU slogan, we are looking for ‘deeds not words’ and our only condition is that your action does not promote hatred and does not cause harm to you or other people.

All you need to do is:

That’s it, we will do the rest. All deeds will be shared on this website and may feature in future exhibitions.  By submitting images and text, you are allowing 100 Deeds to use materials in this nature.

All deeds submitted before 14th May 2013 will be featured at People’s History Museum, 4th – 14th June 2013 as part of Wonder Women: Radical Manchester, alongside the memorial of Emily Wilding Davison, Wilding Festival, with ‘Soundcastle’ London.

For inspiration, have a look at these examples

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    We will only share your picture, title and blurb publicly. If for any reason you have problems using this form, please email your deed to hello@100deeds.co.uk instead.